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TRUTH // Toners. Do you Really Need Them?

September 14, 2021 1 min read

TRUTH // Toners. Do you Really Need Them?

We get one particular question on a regular basis and we are ready to address it here. Why don’t we have a toner? This question comes up almost daily. And with the amount of toners on the market… we totally get it. But we are here to say, No we do not have a toner nor will we ever be called to add one to our line. 


We believe that toners are an unnecessary step that often leads to more harm than good in the long run. Just one more thing that cosmetic companies can use as a way to make money from consumers. 


Our line is designed with you in my mind. Each product holding significant healing power but not being over-complicated and requiring multiple steps. 


One of the primary reasons skincare lines have toners is to balance the effect of their cleansers. Many cleansers disrupt the PH of your skin and the toners that follow normalize this disruption. Short term, toners can give skin a smooth, nearly poreless effect. This is because the pores are shocked into shutting. As time goes on though, this process of shocking the skin can cause the loss of elasticity in the pore causing a kind of collapse that gives the skin a rough texture. 


Our line is designed to be simple and incredibly effective. We don’t make products to just sell anything, we make products that work and work well. This is why we do not have a toner and we are so proud to come out and say it!